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Drawk Kwast – Review

Drawk Kwast is all about the Alpha male Advantage. He dislikes the whole idea of today's feminized men (read sissies) who don't know how to bring out the masculine nature in themselves. … [Read More...]

Review – Love Systems

These Guys are the real Deal. Love Systems brings world-famous pick up artists, and dating coaches together to share their wisdom through boot-camps, personal coaching or authoring … [Read More...]

Review – David Wygant

David Wygant is one of the most sought  after dating coaches. David Wygant focuses on, and recommends the use of Natural Game. In other words, he is not into the whole Seduction theory of … [Read More...]

Paul Janka – Review

Paul Janka is a New - York Self- confessed Play Boy.  He was discovered by the media in New York sometime in 2007 and has been teaching pick- up ever since. His is a Play- Boy Lifestyle. … [Read More...]

Carlos Xuma – Review

Carlos Xuma is among few of internet's best dating coaches. What makes him diffrent is that he approaches dating from an inner- game point of view.  This is the big difference between him … [Read More...]